What is an Everyday Determinator?

Anne Okafor
2 min readDec 13, 2021

What I mean when I talk about being an Everyday Determinator!

Everyday Determinator

✅ People who consistently show up for progress, chipping away at big goals, often more than one at a time. These people are more focused on progress, knowing that starting and practicing will make you better.

✅ People interested in and actively pursuing self development — seekers of knowledge, life long learners, open minded to others opinions and methodologies and curious about new things.

✅ People willing to jump out of their comfort zones in the interest of growth. Doing hard things, facing challenges and fears, choosing things they aren’t so good at in order to get better at them.

✅ People who understand that self-care is necessary. That rest isn’t something you get as a reward, but a must for peak performance. Learning what works for you — a good sleep routine, what exercise or movement activities work for your body and what mindfulness activities work for your mind. Knowing how to construct and maintain boundaries and social connections/relationships. Gratitude Practices. Making time and priority for wellness of mind, body and soul.

✅ Service to others — providing value to others through service of our purpose. We are more fulfilled when we provide value and have purpose. Defining your purpose and using it to help others through our work, volunteering, random acts of kindness or even helping others in time of need.

Doing one, some or all of these each day = Everyday Determinator.

Can you relate?

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