Quality: Realising Your Competitive Edge in Construction

Anne Okafor
2 min readNov 8, 2023


In the world of construction, quality is the cornerstone of success. The importance of delivering projects flawlessly cannot be overstated, not only for the satisfaction of clients but also for the bottom line.

According to the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI), avoidable errors cost a staggering 21% of a project’s value. In this blog, we’ll explore how focusing on quality principles can be your competitive edge in construction. As Phil Crosby once said, “The cost of quality is the expense of doing the wrong things.”

Let’s delve into five tips for individuals to ensure they’re doing the right things.

  1. Embrace a Quality Culture

Quality should be ingrained in the culture of your construction company. It’s not just the responsibility of the quality control department; it’s everyone’s concern. Foster a culture that encourages employees at all levels to take pride in their work and prioritize quality.

2. Invest in Training and Education

Continuous learning is essential in an industry that constantly evolves. Provide opportunities for your team to acquire new skills and knowledge. Well-trained and knowledgeable professionals are better equipped to deliver quality work and avoid costly mistakes.

3. Robust Planning and Design

A solid foundation for quality construction begins with meticulous planning and design. Invest time and resources into creating detailed plans, conducting thorough risk assessments, and ensuring that all project stakeholders are on the same page. A well-thought-out plan can prevent costly errors down the line.

4. Implement Quality Control Checks

Establish a system of regular quality control checks at different project stages. These checks should identify potential issues before they become major problems. Having a proactive quality control process can save both time and money in the long run.

5. Embrace Technology

Incorporate cutting-edge construction technology and software that can enhance project management, communication, and quality control. Tools like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and project management software can streamline processes and reduce the risk of errors.


In the construction industry, the cost of quality isn’t merely a line item in a budget; it’s a critical factor that can determine the success or failure of a project.

Focusing on quality principles is your competitive edge, and it starts with embracing a culture of quality, investing in training, planning rigorously, implementing regular quality checks, and leveraging technology.

By following these tips, you can reduce avoidable errors, save costs, and position yourself as a leader in the construction field.

Remember Phil Crosby’s words: “The cost of quality is the expense of doing the wrong things.”

Ensure you’re doing the right things, and your competitive edge will be undeniable.



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