Excel, Excitement and Everest

In this episode, I’m talking to Lei Wang. Lei grew up in Beijing, where she studied an undergraduate and a master’s degree in computer science and then went on to achieve an MBA in finance and marketing from the Wharton School, and was on a promising career track and finance. In 2010, she became the first Asian women to complete a journey to the summit of the highest mountains, on each of the seven continents. And to the north and south pole. This is a feat called the explorers Grand Slam. Through this journey of hardships and challenges. She made an astonishing discovery. And that was that excitement is the driving force behind innovation, peak performance and extraordinary achievements. Today, she travels the world, I send the new summits and empowering people and organisations to dream big, take that leap of faith and to tap into the power of excitement to realise their potential and to reach their heights of success.

We talked about:

  • Lei’s career in finance
  • Inspiration from a Documentary movie
  • Explorers Grand Slam
  • Signals for success
  • Climbing Everest
  • After the summit — long term success
  • Cultivating your excitement

Lei’s top 3 tips for cultivating excitement in your life:

  • Be curious — explore your passions
  • Take steps towards pursing your passions
  • Keep Trying!



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